...much more than a simple shaft-power-system!

A real extent of the efficiency of ship propulsion systems is the ratio of the generated engine torque to the propeller thrust.

How much energy is really converted into propulsion of the ship hull and not wasted only in rotation of the propeller?

EVOthrust installed-klThe EVOthrust® system measures, through new HD sensor technology, the key parameter "thrust". In addition, the torque, speed/direction/, power end efficiency factor will be shown.

  • Thrust (kN)
  • Torque (kNm)
  • Speed/Direktion of rotation (RPM)
  • Power (kWh)
  • Efficieny factor

The EVOthrust® system was developed in a "heavy duty" design, with wireless energy transfer, radio transmission and the output of the measurement results via 4-20mA or RS485 interface. The measurement values will be shown on a numerical display or by connecting a PC using the supplied PC software. With this PC program the data can be stored and a further analysis is possible.

EVOthrust LR
The EVOthrust® system is completely pre-installed, enabled an easy installation in a short time.

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PC Software Startbildschirm-klanalyse screen-kl


Here we offer you even further material for downloading:

EVOthrust® single line Diagram
EVOthrust® Prospekt

EVOthrust® Prospekt


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