TORXmeter® shaft power
...simple and continuous torque measurement

The TORXmeter® is a system for continuous measurement of shaftpower on propeller shafts.

The robust EXFR (extremely fast response) sensors allows dispensing on strain gauges applications. Thereby an installation and commissioning, also through the ship crew, is possible without comply training.

The innovative design also allows that the TORXmeter® shaftpower system work without electronic parts on the rotating shaft and measure high accurate the following parameters:

TORXmeter ...einfache und permanente Drehmomentmessung

  • Torque (kNm)
  • speed (RPM)
  • Shaft power (kWh)  

Without the electronic parts on the shaft a complex power supply is unnecessary. This not only simplifies installation also minimizes the system very much.

The TORXmeter® shaftpower shows the parameter on a numerical display and gives also a 4-20mA signal which allows an easy integration in the Automatisation system.

In addition system failure and overload are available.

TORXmeter lr

TORXmeter® technical data

  • EXFR Sensors
  • for all shaft diameters
  • free from wear
  • easy to install
  • backlit display
  • 4-20mA outputs
  • voltage supply: 90-240 Volt 50/60Hz
  • current draw < 2 Amp.
  • easy calibration

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