TXM VMIS "Marine Set"
...made easy professional video inspection

Using the TX Marine VMIS „Marine Set“ inspection  you can:

  • Quickly and easily detect wear on mechanical parts before it is too late
  • Perform endoscopic examination on cylinder liners
  • Easily document cases where damage has occurred
  • Assess damage in areas which are difficult to reach by other means

The TXM VMIS “Marine Set” consists of:VMIS incl.40mm camera

  • A pluggable, turning and panning 40 mm camera – complete with illumination – for recording digital pictures and videos
  • 26mm cameraA fixed 26 mm camera with illumination
  • Option: 6 mm camera with illumination and flexible connection tubing
  • PAL resolution
  • VMIS SD card slot7 “ color monitor
  • Capability to save data on an SD card
  • 20 meters long pushrod. With this it is possible to examine pipe systems up to 20 meters in length
  • Digital display of extension length of the pushrod
  • Data transfer via USB – easy forwarding of data via e-mail!
  • Display of digital pictures and videos on PC using standard MS-Windows routines
  • 1.5 hours of continuous use with fully-charged battery. A replacement battery is included with the instrument
  • All of the components – including a 20 meter pushrod - are in a robust service case

Easy to use!

Here we offer you even further material for downloading:


einfaches, schnelles und rechtzeitiges Erkennen von Bauteilverschleiß,
Laufbuchsen Videoskopie,
einfache Dokumentation von Schadensfällen,
Beurteilung von Schadstellen in unzugänglichen Bereichen.

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