TXM VMIS Videoscope Parts

26mm camera

Fixed miniature camera head:
The fixed miniature camera (26mm) has the advantage that an inspection, even through very small holes or voids, is possible. The fixed camera can also be used in liquid pressure-free media. Especially important for the inspection of filled pipelines, such as cooling water systems, sewage system which does not required a complete cleanout. The 26mm camera head has class IP68 (6) protection.

40mm camera Kopf-mit-Pfeil

Pin and tilt camera head:
The localization of damaged areas, or the inspection of closed areas through video endoscopes, with pin and tilt camera heads, are much easier than using fixed camera heads. The mobility of the camera allows inspections of objects in a semi-closed area, such as the combustion chambers or large marine diesel engines. Typical applications for these systems are furthermore piping systems, tanks, turbocharger, exhaust gas collector or partitions. For thus we have a camera head with a diameter of 40mm in our range of products. This camera head has class IP67 protection.


2Ways Articulating Probe

2-way articulation camera:
In addition in product range a camera head with a diameter of 6mm for the smallest holes. This camera is rotatable in two directions.


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