Frequency Measurement and Vibration Diagnosis

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Everything you need for your machinery vibration analysis

What is Vibration diagnostic?

Vibration diagnostics is an important part of predictive machinery maintenance programmes.

Over the years, vibration diagnostics has proven to be the most effective method of checking “machine health”.

Vibration diagnostic equipment helps us predict machine failures in a timely manner.

If preventive maintenance is applied and machines are checked regularly, machine failures can be detected early and appropriate measures can be taken.

In this way, you can avoid unexpected machine shutdowns and reduce the need to replace parts that are still in good condition.

We can supply you with a wide range of vibration diagnostic equipment, from simple data collectors to advanced vibration analysers and online monitoring systems. The data from the devices can be transferred to the DDS software for further analysis.

How does it works?

Running machines generate vibrations that contain a lot of information about the machine’s condition. A vibration meter or analyser measures these vibrations. The sensor must be placed at the correct point on the machine (e.g. bearing housing). The instrument measures the vibration signal and shows you the strength of the vibrations as well as possible machine faults. The most common faults are bearing damage, imbalances, misalignment and loose parts.

What can we offer to you?

The products of the Adash company are designed in such a way that vibration diagnostics have a suitable solution for all types of customers, depending on their needs and budget. This is the reason why we have chosen this manufacturer. Measurement technology should be easy to use, understandable and offer the customer added value.

As a designated competence centre of db Vibro (Adash main distributor), we can offer you the entire product portfolio, as well as training and service.

You can find an overview brochure here.

A4900 Vibrio

Vibration meter, evaluation tool, data collecto

A4900 Vibrio Ex

Explosion-proof vibration meter, evaluation tool, data collector

A4910 Lubri

Monitoring and control of the lubrication condition + Data collector

A4300 VA3 Pro

3-channel vibration analyser, data collector and much more

A4500 VA5 Pro

Vibration analysis, thermography, ultrasound measurement

A3900II – 1-Chanel Online System

Simple vibration monitoring and setting of alarm limits

A3800 4-16 Channel Online System

Compact online vibration monitoring system for critical machines 24/7

A3716 16+ Channel Online System

16+ channel online monitoring system for failure-critical machinery. 16 AC channels for vibration measurement and 16 DC channels for process values such as temperature, pressure, etc.

DDS – Digital Diagnose System Software

A high-performance tool for data collection and evaluation.