Coriolis Massflow Meter (CMD)

The flow meters of the Coriolis Mass Flow Meters (CMD)  measure the mass flow of various media (liquids, gases, vapors).

Here, the Coriolis principle is used.

The advantages of this measuring principle are:

  • Great applicability for a wide variety of media, such as Fuels (HFO, MDO, MGO) or gases (LNG)
  • Direct mass flow measurement
  • Complexity of the available measurands, e.g. Mass, density and temperature
  • Measurement independent of inlet and outlet sections, flows, density and temperature
  • Very high measuring accuracy
  • No moving parts
  • Large measuring range for a wide variety of applications

Rotamass TI Serie – YOKOGAWA

The Coriolis mass flow meters – Rotamass TI – directly determine, without detours, the mass and density of liquids, pastes and gases. The devices have a wide range of applications, as corresponding tube materials are available for the various media. The nominal diameter range extends from DN 6 to DN 200 – so that flow rates from 1 kg / h to 600 t / h can be reliably measured at process temperatures from -70 ° C to + 350 ° C.

Simplified selection

  • Six dedicated product families offer optimal solutions
  • Two specialized transmitters with a common platform

Expert Help

  • Wizard for easy configuration and setup
  • Simple and user-friendly operating concept

Process Help

  • Event management for proactive process monitoring
  • Data recording before, during and after events

Maintenance Manager

  • Patented * “Tube Health Check”
  • “Total Health Check”: self-monitoring of the entire measuring system during the ongoing process

Data mobility

  • MicroSD card for easy data transfer and remote maintenance
  • Detailed process analysis with standard PC software

Extended flexibility

  • Features on Demand with software key
  • Worldwide approvals
  • Extensive range of I / O combinations
  • Universal supply voltage