Performance Software and Hardware

To improve ship performance today, it becoming more important to use all available data on board. There are a variety of providers in the market.
The wide range of performance monitoring systems up to Fleet Management systems is often difficult for the customer to understand and to select the appropriate solutions for the respective applications.

In addition, the big challenge is to meet the requirements of all involved parties, such as Ship-owner and charterer. Here we see ourselves as your supporter to advise you to choose the best possible solution for you.

Performance Software

As an application example, we introduce the PIM OBU (Performance Indication Onboard Unit). The PIM OBU logs and displays nautical data, fuel consumption data and engine data from various sensors in real time. It gives detailed information about the actual performance of the ships.
In addition, the PIM OBU compares the fuel consumption with the data of the charter party. All data can be transferred to the shipping company office for further analysis and playback.

A special software module (for office use) makes it possible to save all collected data for repetition and further analysis. In addition, the software module provides the ability to configure the onboard system from the shore.

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Performance Hardware

The VEINLAND data acquisition unit is the ultimate solution for collecting all relevant ship data. The modular structure can be easily adapted to the specific conditions of each ship. If necessary, the acquired data can also be sent via the ship’s LAN to the shipping company office for further evaluation. Developed and produced by VEINLAND GmbH in Germany, the modules are approved by DNVGL according to IEC 60945 type.

Possible interfaces:

  • Temperatures PT1000, PT100
  • Pulses of fuel counter
  • Digital inputs auch as tank level sensors
  • Analog inputs such as rudder
  • NMEA inputs auch as GPS, wind, speed
  • Connection to shaft power measurement systems
  • Output via network RJ45
  • Interface via ModBus, for flow meter

Optional available:

  • Display for Visualization
  • Software for performance analysis

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