The Company. Our Goals. Our Mission.

High Quality Standard

Only reliable, easy to use and best quality equipment fit to our specification.

We got the Tools

You have a measurement problem, we have the solution.

We see ourselves as your support to offer you the measuring technology according to your requirements.

Competitive Pricing

Good Products and Services for reasonable prices. That is our aim.

Networking helps

A huge network of specialists in different areas helps us to give you an excellent consultation for your questions.

30 years Experience

Always close to the customer in order to understand the needs and requirements. Many years of experience flow into the offered products. Knowledge transfer to the company succession and the team are very essential.

Great Support

Flexibility, Reliability, fast response. Satisfied customers is our important goal.

What do the XXX in our company name stand for? This is usually one of the first questions when introducing our company.

We started in 2007 as a pure trading agency with three products. During the brainstorming about the company name, this XXX and our product specialization, the measurement systems, suddenly appeared on the sheet of paper. Since a name was still missing, it became Triple X Marine Equipment.

In order not to be confused with other sites in search queries, the name was changed to TX Marine Hamburg. Due to the steadily expanding portfolio of the company, the change of the legal form to a GmbH was the necessary conclusion, which took place in 2013.

Especially when it comes to measuring technology, all around the engine, we want to offer the customer complete solutions. Our company name is also our passion here. Because even if measuring systems are needed that are outside of our “normal” product range and application area, we use our network and can offer the customer solutions.

OUR MISSION – YOUR SUPPORT is the philosophy of TX     Marine Messsysteme GmbH and our motto for support and advising our customers.

These include advice to the customer, depending on requirements and budget, delivery of measurement technology, service providers, support and training.

Through the long-standing activity of the Paschen family worldwide on the market of technical measuring and analysis equipment, especially for ship and power plant machinery, many experiences have been collected.

During this time, many technicians, engineers, chiefs and plant operators were met, the extensive measurement technology for problem detection and solution analysis use.

Rarely measurement equipment was found that could offer these experts a complex solution.

However, it seems easy!

A problem should be solved and its cause recognized.
Information’s should be recorded and processed by measuring instruments.

Already here often start the problems!
The technique that should help us is not understandable, the training in the Handling complicated.

The solution of the problem is not addressed.
Here we see ourselves as your supporter.

  • Year 2007

    the company was founded as a one-man business of Kay Paschen (first as Triple X Marine Equipment with the subsequent renaming to TX Marine Hamburg).

  • Year 2009

    the company headquarters was relocated to Kiebitzreihe. The proximity to Hamburg was not the only decisive factor; in addition the long-term cooperation with Littau GmbH was further expanded.

  • May 2013

    the legal form was changed into a GmbH by an internal restructuring and entrance of the daughter of the founder Nadine Paschen and rename of the company to TX Marine Messsysteme GmbH.
    At the same time father and daughter share the general management of the company.

The people behind the company

Kay Paschen (Father)

Managing Partner

The Gyro Gearloose and head of the company.

Nadine Paschen (Daugther)

Managing Partner

The organization fairy and entrepreneur.

Member of WISTA Germany e.V. and member of JCI Germany.

Ali Awad

Produkt und Service Manager