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    Measurement systems around the engine are our core competence.

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Our Mission – Your Support

Our Products & Services

Engine Performance Monitoring

Shaft power | Torque | Cylinder pressure| Combustion

Flow Measurement

Fuel | Oil | Water | Volume and mass | Flow measurement

Emission Measurement

Portable and permanent installed equipment | Class certified

Performance Software and Hardware

Special software solutions and data collector units

Condition Monitoring

Vibration Diagnostics | Crankshaft Deflection | Cylinder Liner Ovality | Metal and GPR Thickness | Overspeed tester | Calibrator | Oil Testing | Oil condition sensors | Oil Mist | Videoscopes


Data collection | Data evaluation | Engine diagnostic | Emission check and Re- calibration | UTM testing | Speed and power trial | Underwater drone inspection | 3D Ship Modelling | EEXI calculation | Rental and recond. devices | Training | Calibration services

Why us?

High Quality Standard

Only reliable, easy to use and best quality equipment fit to our specification.

We got the tools

You have a measurement problem, we have the solution.

We see ourselves as your support to offer you the measuring technology according to your requirements.

Competitive Prices

Good Products and Services for reasonable prices. That is our aim.

Networking helps

A huge network of specialists in different areas helps us to give you an excellent consultation for your questions.

30 Years Experience

Always close to the customer in order to understand the needs and requirements. Many years of experience flow into the offered products. Knowledge transfer to the company succession and the team are very essential.

Great Support

Flexibility, Reliability, fast response. Satisfied customers is our important goal.


Collaboration Vesselity and TXM