EEXI – Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index – are you prepared?

The IMO (MEPC 76) adopted amendments to the MARPOL Annex VI to reduce their greenhouse gases. These amendments combine technical and operational approaches to improve the energy efficiency of ships, also providing important building blocks for future GHG reduction measures.

This new measures will require all ships to calculate their Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) following technical means to improve their energy efficiency. Ships have to attain EEXI approval once in a lifetime, by the first periodical survey in 2023 at the latest.

There are differences between the two neccessary EEXI:

Required EEXI value is determined by the ship type, the ship’s capacity and principle of propulsion and is the maximum acceptable attained EEXI value.

Attained EEXI must be calculated for the individual ship, which falls under the regulation.

Our service offer:

  • Calculation of attained EEXI and required EPL or ShaPoLi
  • Assistance to get a valid Speed-Power curve
  • Delivery of EEXI technical file
  • Short assessment on other improvement options
  • Conducted by experienced Naval Architects and Master Mariner with over 20 years experiences

Extract of a example EEXI Technical File.


Ensure compliance in the best possible manner!

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