Oil condition measurement – Humidity sensor

The humidity sensor was designed to evaluate machine components where the lubricant is not supposed to contain water per se, but due to the increased humidity factor of the marine environment, the oil could contain some degree of water.
In order to always be sure about the current state of the lubricant and in particular the water content in the oil, it is possible to measure the level of oil saturation with water.

The humidity sensor can be installed in different parts of the engine system (eg bow thruster, stern tube bearings, snake keel) and the relative humidity information in % shown in a range from 0% (no water detected) to 100% (full saturation / existence of free water) continuously transfer.
Based on the summarized calculation of the measured values, the semi-intelligent sensor provides the information about the remaining service life of the engine oil.

By continuously measuring the relative humidity, the humidity sensor determines free or dissolved water in oil. The real-time monitoring of the degree of saturation of oil with water allows to detect all occurring changes directly in order to enable an effective operation of the engine system.

The humidity sensor constantly measures the humidity value that is processed on the optional display unit. The degree of saturation (in%) is calculated in the range of 0% (no water detected) to 100% (complete saturation / existence of free water). The sensor is particularly relevant with respect to unsaturated ester oils. Since portable test equipment measures the level of water concentration with the aid of reagents, the measurement method for ester oils is not suitable.

Humidity sensor standard:

Measurement of the relative humidity value in%

Humidity sensor Plus:

Measurement of the relative humidity value in%, relative permittivity, conductivity of the oil

Data Logger:

Display and storage of the measured values of the humidity sensors

Further sensor systems for continuous monitoring of various engine systems on request.