The Coriolis mass flow meters (CMD) simultaneously measure the mass flow of various media (liquids, gases, vapors), density, temperature and viscosity.

This simultaneous measurement opens up completely new perspectives for process control, quality assurance and plant protection. These primary measured variables can also be used to calculate other important parameters:

Volume flow rate
Solids content
Concentrations in multiphase media
Special density values

The advantages of this measuring principle are

Robust and durable (no moving parts)
Customized connections & installation lengths
Excellent repeatability (±0.05 % of Mw.)
High pressure rating: 345 bar [5,000 psi]
Higher productivity, less maintenance
Low installation costs
Increase in product quality
Wide range of applications

Tricor Classic Series Coriolis flowmeter Manufacturer KEM Küpperss

The TCM “CLASSIC” product line fulfills the general industrial requirements and is easy to handle. It meets a wide range of applications at a reasonable cost and limited specification. The product line is typically used in painting, coating and dosing applications with non-corrosive liquids that require 0.3% accuracy and little to no maintenance.

TCM Classic

Example Classic Series TCM 0650

Basic accuracy (mass flow)2): ±0.3 % (option: up to ±0.1 %) of the flow rate
Reproducibility (mass flow rate): ±0.05 % of the flow rate
Basic accuracy (volume flow)2): ±0.3 % (option: up to ±0.15 %) of the flow rate
Reproducibility (volume flow): ±0.05 % of the flow rate
Zero point stability: ±0.01 % of the full scale value
Density range: up to 2,500 kg/m3 [2.5 g/cm3]
Density accuracy2): ±1.0 kg/m3 [±0.001 g/cm3]
Density reproducibility: ±0.5 kg/m3 [±0.0005 g/cm3]
Process temperature range: -40 °C … +100 °C [-40 °F … +212 °F]
-60 °C … +200 °C [-76 °F … +392 °F ]
Temperature accuracy: ±1 °C ±0.5 % of measured value
[±1.8 °F ±0.5 % of the measured value]
Temperature reproducibility: ±0.2 °C [±0.36 °F]
Tubes: 1.4404 [AISI 316L]
Housing: 1.4404 [AISI 316L]
Flow divider: 1.4404 [AISI 316L]
Brazing alloy: BNi-2

1) The specified flow accuracy combines the effects of repeatability, linearity and hysteresis.