Material thickness (ROV)

Multigauge 4100 (1000m)
Multigauge 4400 (4000m)

The Multigauge 4100 and 4400 underwater thickness gauges are simple, robust ultrasonic thickness gauges designed to be mounted on all types of work class ROVs. There are two models, the Multigauge 4100, which is designed for a depth of 1000m, and the Titanium Multigauge 4400, which is designed for a depth of 4000m. Both gauges are designed and built to withstand the extremely harsh conditions of the offshore and subsea industries worldwide.

Like all Multigauge devices, the Multigauge 4000 “ROV” also works with the 3-fold echo measuring method. All probes feature Intelligent Probe Recognition (IPR), which automatically adjusts the settings in the meter and simultaneously transmits the recognition data. The result is a perfectly matched probe and meter for improved performance. User-selectable RS422 or RS232 output makes connection to most ROVs simple. Both gauges are connected to Tritex’s dedicated Communicator software.

Areas of application: ROV

Scope of delivery (all in one case) Model 4100/4400:

  • Multigauge 4000 underwater thickness gauge
    Sensor (frequency and diameter selectable)
  • 15mm stainless steel calibration block
  • Spare membrane and key
  • Coupling gel
  • Membrane oil
  • Spare O-rings
  • Molykote grease
  • Release rod
  • Instruction manual
  • Charger
  • Calibration certificate
  • Tool case
  • Communicator Software
  • RS422-RS232 converter
  • Plug with connection cable
  • ROV test cable
  • Power supply unit for use with the test cable

Multigauge probes

The Multigauge probes are freely configurable for each case set. Depending on the area of application, select a test probe that is included in the scope of delivery.

Single crystal test probe

Speed of sound: 1000m/s to 8000m/s

Test head: soft

Model: 2.25 MHz (yellow)
Measuring range: 3-250mm
Probe size: 13mm & 19mm

Model: 3.5 MHz (green)
Measuring range: 2-150mm
Probe size: 13mm

Model: 5 MHz (blue)
Measuring range: 1-50mm
Probe size: 13mm & 6mm