The projects listed here are targeted, one-off projects that exist and are carried out with a specific task, with start and finish dates.

Some of the listed projects are supported by various institutes or carried out through cooperations with partners and customers.


Project title: Exhibition participation SMM 2021 in Hamburg from 06.-09.09.2022

Project number: LPW-E / 2.2.3 / 1817


The funding program “Internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises and market development abroad” of the WTSH (Business Development and Technology Transfer Schleswig-Holstein GmbH) aims to motivate small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in foreign trade activities …. The development of new markets abroad should contribute to the creation and securing of jobs in Schleswig-Holstein and strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs. (see:

The participation in the fair SMM in Hamburg between 06.09. and 09.09.2022. will receive funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).