Basically, in all technical processes wear, fatigue, aging and corrosion severely limit the availability and efficiency of technical equipment. Particularly in the field of engines and drive technology and its components, a review is mandatory.

As an example, the wear of injectors / liners can be exemplified. A change in the mixture preparation by worn injectors leads to a poorer combustion of the fuel.

This results in a high emission load and fuel consumption.

Inspection of injector caps / valves or liners when installed, via the access air purge slots, minimizes maintenance time and saves costs for e.g. Seal kits that do not need to be replaced.

This maintenance can be supported by gauges for visual inspection. By means of these measuring devices, the wear and condition of the components, for example in the engine, are accurately determined. This type of inspection has the advantage that it can be tested by suitable methods and techniques, largely non-destructive and non-destructive

XM Videoskop Complete Systems:

  •  with SD card memory (still image / video sequence)
  • Charger (Li-Ion battery 2500 mah) and USB adapter
  • Version: VGA 640×480 (still image & video sequence)
  • Display 3.5 “(640 x 480)
  • with electronic zoom
  • Incl. 2-way (about 180 °) camera, diameter about 6 mm, length 2m *
  • with 4 LEDs (dimmable)
  • Language: 26 languages selectable

*other camera length possible at extra cost

Optional accessories:

Fixed camera (especially strong) with 20 mm push rod on drum for inspection of pipelines and other hard to reach places. Viewing angle approx. 120 ° incl. camera / push rod & reel

Other camera sets and accessories, depending on the application, on request.