Cylinder Pressure – electronic (PMImkII)

For the condition evaluation of the combustion process and the power distribution indicators are used since the development of the diesel engine and the steam engine. Since the late 1980s, these mechanical indicators, which record engine combustion pressure, are increasingly being replaced by electronic indicators.

The increasing increase in engine efficiency and cost pressure, as fuel prices have risen, have led to increased demands on electronic indicators in recent years. The data on the course of combustion are becoming increasingly important, since the introduction of electronic indicators has made it possible to collect data on board and send it by email, almost without delay, to the technical inspection for analysis.

Experts and service companies use this data to plan damage assessments and possible maintenance work and repairs to the engines even before the ships have arrived.

The PMImkII (pressure mean indicator) – the all-round carefree package for your engine diagnosis

Electronic indicators are the stethoscope of ship’s engineers with which the heartbeat of the engine can be analyzed. Both unequal load distribution (MIP, Pind) between the cylinders of the engine and the compliance of max.permissible pressure values (Pmax, Pmax, Pmean) can be analyzed quickly and reliably. Complex damage patterns such as timing problems in the combustion process can be quickly recorded and analyzed immediately on board or by technical support of land.

The PMImkII (pressure mean indicator) and DPI (digital pressure indicator) is used to measure the dynamic cylinder pressures of large two- and four-stroke diesel and gas engines.

For measuring preparation, the PC software must be installed on a Windows computer. (Alternatively, the engine-specific data is already pre-installed-before delivery). The engine specific data (M / E and A / E) are created with the PC software and transferred to the handset. The meter is now ready for the measurement. Connect the handheld to the pressure sensor.

In order to be able to measure pressure curves with the PMImkII, the engine on each cylinder must be equipped with a standard indicator valve. The pressure sensor is temporarily screwed to the corresponding indicator valve with the Thompson adapter. (It is not suitable for continuous measurements (overheating damage)).

By selecting the motor to be measured on the handset, the menu guides the user through the measurements.

By using the latest technology, a crank angle assignment can also be performed without the use of OT sensors.

There are all possibilities to visualize and evaluate the recorded data, here the handheld is connected to the PC with the installed software and the data is imported.

ne den Einsatz von OT-Sensoren durchgeführt werden.

Es bieten sich alle Möglichkeiten die aufgenommenen Daten zu visualisieren und auszuwerten, hier  wird das Handgerät an den PC mit der installierten Software angeschlossen und die Daten importiert.

  • Easy operation and measurement on the motor
  • Pre-configuration of the handheld device (after receive of the parameters)
  • No installation of a TC sensor required
  • Easy handling and plug and play installation of the software
  • Use of a high quality pressure sensor
  • Sufficient memory for analyzing up to 50 cylinders
  • Simple PC software update via email
  • Direct sending of measurements by email
  • Rechargeable standard batteries