Material thickness (residual metal thickness)

Multigauge 5500

Ships often suffer from the most severe cases of metal loss due to the corrosive effects of salt water.
The ultrasonic wall thickness gauges in our product range are used to measure metal thickness without first removing the paint layers. This facilitates the measurement without prior preparation of the measuring point, i.e. sanding or flexing of paint coatings, and shortens the measuring time.

The Multigauge Series measures through paint coatings with ultrasonic and the 3-times echo measuring method and displays the residual metal thickness without coating.

The connected probe is automatically recognised by the unit, including the stored calibration data. The test heads can thus be exchanged without recalibration! Calibration for non-ferrous metals can be carried out simply by entering the speed of sound or by calibrating to a known workpiece. The 3x echo measurement method is required by IACS guidelines for measurements in the marine sector. Corresponding certificates are available!

Multigauge 5500:

The measuring device for “one-handed” measuring applications (belt clip on the back of the device) and its bright LED display allows you to read the result without any problems, even in the dark.

Fields of application: Measurement in tanks, on ladders, freehand applications

Multigauge probes

The Multigauge probes are freely configurable for each case set. Depending on the area of application, select a probe that is included in the scope of delivery (applies to the Multigauge 5500,5600,5700 series)

Single crystal test probe

Speed of sound: 1000m/s to 8000m/s

Test head: soft

Model: 2.25 MHz (yellow)
Measuring range: 3-250mm
Probe size: 13mm & 19mm

Model: 3.5 MHz (green)
Measuring range: 2-150mm
Probe size: 13mm

Model: 5 MHz (blue)
Measuring range: 1-50mm
Probe size: 13mm & 6mm