Nondestructive testing (NDT)

With non-destructive material testing, or NDT for short, the quality of a workpiece is tested without damaging the material itself. Various physical effects are used for this purpose. In our range, we use ultrasonic testing for material testing (residual metal thickness). It belongs to the non-destructive testing methods. This means that the components can also be tested in an installed state without removing the coatings.

The ultrasonic wall thickness measurement is part of the routine measurements of every ship and plant operator, who must determine the condition of the ship’s hull, tanks, pipes and cargo hatches at regular intervals.

This constant monitoring serves to maintain the safety of the ship and the crew.

Through this measurement, corrosion damage can be detected in time and countermeasures can be taken.

Free-hand wall thickness gauge

For determining the residual metal thickness for fixing to a belt or chest harness. Can be used hands-free.


Multigauge 5500

General purpose wall thickness gaug

For determining the residual metal thickness with all important information on the large colour display.


Multigauge 5600
Multigauge 5700 with Datalogger

Glasfaser (GFK) Wanddickenmessgerät

Designed for testing the condition of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) or engineering plastics. It can also be used for uncoated metal.

Multigauge 5300
Multigauge 5350 with data logger

Surveyor Material Thickness Gauge

For measuring residual metal thickness, plastic or GRP.

Multigauge 5650
Multigauge 5750 with data logger

Underwater residual metal thickness (diver)

Measurement of residual metal thickness for underwater applications.

Multigauge 3000 (diver) – up to 500m depth

Underwater residual metal thickness (ROV)

Messung der Restmetallstärke für Unterwasseranwendungen.

Multigauge 4000 (ROV) – zwei Modelle verfügbar. Bis 1000m oder 4000m Tiefe

Drone residual metal thickness

Mounts on a drone for high altitude inspections. Includes a gel dispenser, probe holder and special software for data storage. Transmits measurements wirelessly in real time.

Multigauge 6000