Mobile compatibility test for fuels

Density, compatibility and stability determination – triple test

Regular monitoring of density of the delivered oil provides reassurance about the conformity of oil quality and its cost. Whereas verification of stability/ compatibility of different heavy fuel oils is regarded as an essential measure for ensuring continuous normal operation of the engine system. These important oil properties can be determined directly on-site with the help of the test device COMPA DENS CHECK in easy and quick test procedures.

Onboard a ship, the compatibility of marine fuels, including residual and distillate fuels, can be measured well with this type of mobile test.
The compatibility test test method used follows ASTM D 4740-04 (2014).

Almost all heavy oils used will eventually be mixed. This is an increasing development in connection with the lowering of sulfur levels and increased demand for low-sulfur fuels. During mixing or subsequent storage, reactions may occur that result in sludge formation. Filter Clogging, reduced injection performance, poor combustion and even damage to the piston rings and liners can occur.

Here, the early detection, with the help of mobile test systems, the miscibility of the fuels is a very good tool for daily on-board practice.

To measure density it is necessary to fill the glass tube with the oil sample and to place it into the heating bath. As soon as the temperature of 50 ˚C is constant, the density can be determined with the help of the appropriate hydrometer which automatically converts to standard temperature of 15 ˚C. Stability and compatibility parameters of heavy fuel oils are measured by identical test procedures. Two mixed oil samples (or only one sample for stability determination) are heated up to 95 ˚C in the heating bath. A drop of the heated oil is applied on chromatographic SPOT TEST paper and is ready for the analysis as soon as the spot dries out.

  • Density:
  • Measuring range: 0.82 – 1.05 g/ml
  • Measuring time: about 2 min.
  • Oil sample: 120 ml
  • Accuracy: +/- 3 %
  • Stability/ compatibility:
  • Measuring range: all heavy fuels
  • Measuring time: about 20 min.
  • Oil sample: 100 ml
  • Quick and adjustable heating
  • Accurate and reliable analyses
  • Four various hydrometers with automatically converted density value from 50 ˚C to 15 ˚C
  • Directly observable compatibility/ incompatibility test-results
  • Easy to handle even for untrained personnel