Peak Pressure Indicator MSI

Measuring peak pressure is a simple, quick and cheap  way to maintain engines.

When the combustion engine loses power, measuring compression (peak pressure) is often a first step in locate potential problems. When measuring the cylinders, the pressure on each compression stroke on the peak pressure indicator (gauge) increases until the maximum indicated by the engine manufacturer has been reached, or nearly reached.

If the measured pressure is significantly lower than indicated in the specification of the engine, this may indicate wear. When increasing the max. Cylinder pressure also increase the mechanical stresses.

Depending on how the peak pressure measurement value is, and the engine is set, then measures for repairing the engine can be initiated at short notice.

The MSI Series of Peak Pressure Indicators measure the maximum compression or combustion pressure (Pmax) on single cylinder at two- or four-stroke engines. This peak pressure gauge can be used on internal combustion engines and compressors.

In this case, pressures of up to 300 bar can be measured.

With the indicator valve, the peak pressure indicator is screwed and the pressure can read on the display easily.

A video for easy operation can be found here.

  • Measuring range up to 300 bar
  • high accuracy at all speed ranges
  • easiest handling
  • robust and low maintenance
  • Insensitive to vibrations
  • Steel pressure gauge with safety glass
  • low weight

Peak Pressure Indicator MSI- 3:

Measuring ranges: 0 to 160 bar, 0 to 250 bar, 0 to 300 bar
Standard connection: W 27 x 1/10″
Engine range: up to 2,500 rpm
Error margin: ± 1.6 %
Dimensions: 210 mm x 155 mm x 60 mm

Peak Pressure Indicator MSI- 4:

Smaller model for less space on the engine.

0 to 160 bar, 0 to 250 bar, 0 to 300 bar, 0 to 25 MPa
Standard Anschluß: W 27 x 1/10″
Drehzahlbereich: up to 2,500 rpm
Fehlerbereich: ± 1.6 %
Abmaße: 225 mm x 108 mm x 57 mm