Engine Performance Monitoring

The determination of performances and efficiencies of the ship propulsion system is a crucial prerequisite for a complex process evaluation of ship engine operation.
A ship performance improvement can only be done through better and more comprehensive data acquisition.
The necessary measured values are for the most part part of the on-board measuring technique.

Important measurement informations are:

  • Engine torque, speed, shaft power (our product TORXmeter® shaft power measurement system)
  • Thrust Measurement (our product EVOthrust® Thrust and Torque Measuring System)
  • Cylinder pressure (our product MSI-3 peak pressure indicator)
  • Combustion processes (our product PMImkII electronic indicator and the type 50 mechanical indicator)

The measuring systems, all about the engine, are our passion and our heart. That’s why we have a wide range of measuring instruments in our product range, some of which we have developed ourselves, or we work together with well-known German manufacturers.