Deflection and Crankshaft DI-5TX series

Most engineers know how important regular checks of engine crankshafts are. The old analog dial gauges for checking the crankshaft alignment was time consuming, uncomfortable, dirty and gave inaccurate accuracies.

Using the DI-5 series electronic crankshaft and deflection measurement, makes the job much easier and accuracy is improved.
The DI-5 series has been used by a large number of engineers in over 90 countries worldwide.
Our customers are diesel engine manufacturers who equip their engines with an instrument for the service program, service companies and shipping companies

Electronical Measurement of the deflection and crankshaft with the DI-5TX series

Four buttons on the DI-5 panel are used to select, change and apply values on the display such as temperature, engine number, number of cylinders, measurement direction, etc. . Just press the OK button to save the value.
After completion of the first cylinder, bring the sensor to the next cylinder and save the measured values. Due to the generous measuring range, the transmitter can be moved between the cylinders without mechanical adjustment. When all cylinders are measured, the hard copy can be downloaded to a PC for reference and future comparison (Option DI-5C).

  • A pleasant and clean operation compared to the old dial gauge.
  • Download measurements to your computer to save, track, print and compare your engine wear.
  • Measure the deviations with the extreme accuracy of 0.001 mm
  • Battery for mobile use
  • Large measuring distance 60 – 574 mm (with different transducers)
  • USB connection to PC (option: DI-5C)

Option 1 DI-5TX Crankshaft/Defection Gauge

Option 2: DI-5CTX Crankshaft/Defection Gauge incl. PC software

Optional available: Ovality kit

* Analogue measuring instruments on request