Growth of the TX Marine family – welcome Ali Awad

We are pleased to introduce our newest joining in the TX Marine family. Mr. Ali Awad becomes our new Product and Service Manager.

He will support our Managing Director Nadine Paschen in the future and will bring in new ideas for products and implement them with his years of experience. He will also be responsible for technical sales and training.

His vita shows what makes him so valuable for the company.

After graduating as a marine engineer in 1990, Mr Awad acquired his first experience in the field of condition and engine monitoring as a chief engineer on an ocean-going vessel. Thereafter, he worked for several companies engaged in the construction of sensors and marine accessories.

From 2005, Ali Awad worked for Lehmann & Michels (LEMAG) as a head of production, where he developed his special skills in the field of diesel engine monitoring. At that time, he was hired by Kay Paschen, who worked in the same company.

In 2016, the complete diesel engine monitoring product group was taken over by CMT Technologies GmbH, where Mr Awad was responsible for quality, R&D and technical sales worldwide as a product specialist.

We look forward to a successful future together.

His first activity will be a visit to the NorShipping trade fair in Oslo this week. If you are interested in meeting him, please feel free to contact him at