Expansion of our product range in the area of condition monitoring

TPI vibration analyzers, predictive maintenance and condition-based machine monitoring – especially interesting for ships!

Predictive maintenance is becoming increasingly important in view of long delivery times for spare parts. Vibration analysis can detect machine faults at an early stage so that planned maintenance can be carried out and spare parts procured in good time. The introduction of this condition-based maintenance has obvious advantages over scheduled, excessive maintenance or, even worse, reactive maintenance and repair.

Since we always want our selection of products to help you keep your vessel running efficiently and cost effectively, investing in a measuring device to help you do so makes perfect sense.

In order to be more broadly positioned also in the field of vibration measurement technology and vibration measurement, we have a new cooperation with the company TPI. They are well known in this field and due to their long experience they are a competent partner.

We are the official main distributor for Germany and offer the complete product range.

For the time being we are concentrating on vibration measurement equipment but also gas detectors and some other interesting measurement equipment will be available from us in the future.

We regularly present the new products in our products and news. Feel free to check back regularly to stay up to date.

As it is not only our goal to sell measuring equipment, but also to offer service to give you the best possible advice, our team is currently being trained and will be available for questions and demonstrations from the beginning of next year.

Here you will find the news. And now have a lot of enjoyment while discovering.