Ship efficiency vs. measurement technology

Ship efficiency is always an issue. Saving fuel and sailing the ship at the optimum operating point are always the KPIs. The best way here is to use measuring technology. The minimum requirement is a shaft power measurement system and fuel measurement. Performance monitoring systems visualize these measured values ​​and evaluate them with additional data, such as the SpeedLog. Anyone who works in the shipping industry knows the market leaders for this type of measurement technology. The measuring devices from Hoppe/Maihak, VAF, Kongsberg, Kyma, HBM or also DATUM, as well as the brand names, like e.g. LEMAG Shaftpower, T-Sense can be found worldwide in the product catalogues.

But what if a manufacturer is new in this market? This one has developed a shaft power measurement system that is flexible and easy to install and competitive in price. Where service can be reduced or saved at the same time. Would it not be time to take a look here and try this equipment?

Interested? More information about our TORXmeter® can be found on our homepage: Shaftpower and Torque TORXmeter®

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